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Discover the applications and advantages that Ecogam products can bring to your business, whatever the activity you are in. Ecogam vacuum cleaning equipment helps removing dust, sand, gravel or any other dry residue from production processes, facilitating transportation to a disposal site for discharge or pumping the material back into a silo for reuse.

Your company will be able to obtain an ecological and far more efficient environment in the shortest possible time and with the minimum workforce, increasing productivity and lowering your operating expenses.

The following are some of the markets where Ecogam products are currently being used:


  • Vacuum cleaning of cement, crude, clinker and other spillages from the production process: mills, elevator pits, conveyor belts, sacking area, silos, etc.
  • Pumping the material for reuse in the production process


  • Removal of dust settled on cranes and top platforms
  • Suction of sand from the mould pressing process, elevator pits and conveyor belts
  • General site maintenance

Plaster, quick lime

  • Suction of spillages on conveyor belts and elevator pits
  • Vacuum cleaning of sacking areas
  • Pumping the material for reuse in the production process

Power generation

  • Suction of coal and coke spillages
  • Vacuum cleaning of ashes, inside boilers, exchangers, bag filters, or electro-filters
  • General site maintenance


  • Suction of sand and gravel up to 90 mm thick from the milling area, conveyor belts, etc.
  • Vacuum cleaning of top platforms in silos, scales, etc.

Ceramics, bricks, concrete prefabs

  • Removal of dust and waste from pressing process, transport and product palletising
  • General site maintenance


  • Vacuum cleaning of silos, dispensers, conveyor belts and material recycling areas.

Human & animal foodstuffs

  • Removal of spills from elevator pits, conveyor belts and packing areas
  • Emptying and cleaning of silos when the material has fermented and is no longer suitable for production
  • General site maintenance

Urban applications for municipalities

  • Vacuum cleaning of leaves, branches and papers on roads, parks and gardens, sewers, etc.
  • Help in pruning green areas, leaf and branch crushing and bagging
  • Removal of graffiti or dirt on pavements, litter bins, containers, facades, roofs, public monuments and structures in general using hot pressurised water
  • Assistance in urban excavations, road and pavement reparations, signposts, events staging and other general maintenance works

Contract cleaners

  • Companies offering cleaning and maintenance services in any of the sectorsmentioned, on isolated cases or with permanent teams in customers’ installations.


  • Companies responsible for the design and assembly of production plants in different industries. They often recommend buying vacuum cleaning systems to their customers, as part of the investment needed to maintain the site or run production processes in optimum conditions.


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