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The company

Ecogam is a leading company specialised in the designing, manufacturing and sales and marketing of vacuum cleaning equipment for dry applications. We help a great number of companies across different markets to increase productivity, reducing the costs associated to removing large spills and, wherever possible, reclaiming the material for the production process.

Our experience has developed in sectors such as cement, plaster, quick lime, foundries, quarries, power generation, concrete prefabs, ceramics, glass, human and animal foodstuffs, urban cleaning and maintenance, etc. Among the Ecogam main customers there are important engineering and cleaning service companies that rely on our solutions to improve the service they offer to third parties.

Ecogam vacuum systems are strong, reliable and powerful, offering flexible and advanced solutions for material handling. From portable vacuum units to truck mounted vacuum loaders. Designed for tight manoeuvring, all of them are capable of cleaning wide areas while requiring minimum intervention. Easy to move, Ecogam products provide total autonomy and their small dimensions allow them to be placed exactly where you need. Their superior performance makes any vacuum cleaning job incredibly easy and cost-effective.

In 2024 we have inaugurated new facilities in Polinyà, 25 km from Barcelona: 800 m2 dedicated exclusively to manufacturing and assembly and an additional 200 m2 for the management of spare parts and accessories.

Currently our products are operated in a number of different countries across Europe, North Africa and Latin America.


C/ Mèxic, 20

08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès



Tel. / Fax: +34 93 590 96 23

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