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The Mobile Vacuum Group-II by Ecogam (GAM-II) is a highly productive equipment mounted on a 2 axle truck. The pump featuring 210 Hp can aspirate up to 35 tons/hour (density=1, distance=10m). Power is supplied by the truck motor through a transfer case (PTO drive). By eliminating the need of a separate engine, the space for the mechanical components is significantly reduced. This facilitates in turn the use of a very high capacity container (17 m3) and minimizes maintenance.

Its superior vacuum power and its compact dimensions in relation to its capacity, make GAM-IV a unique product in the market. It offers maximum productivity for removing large spills but, at the same time, maximum accessibility and ease of use. In addition, with the same level of performance, the investment in GAM-IV is lower than the one needed to buy a bigger truck. It is the perfect solution for cleaning companies that can move the equipment to service different customers, an investment that quickly pays off.

Main characteristics

  • Low investment, particularly compared to large trucks by competitors
  • Maximum productivity (35 ton/hour)
  • Great productivity for big manufacturing sites or cleaning service companies
  • 3 axle truck and very high capacity container (16 m3)
  • Filter bags cleaned through pneumatic sequence avoid silting and ensure constant output
  • Level detector, hydraulic tailgate, automatic door opening for discharge
  • Reliable, simple design, state of the art parts and components
  • Low consumption and minimum maintenance costs



C/ Mèxic, 20

08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès



Tel. / Fax: +34 93 590 96 23

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