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Our standard vacuum range includes a product for every need: from centralised units, to towable equipment or mobile vacuum groups mounted on 2 or 3 axle trucks. Including also the ultra-compact portable units and the hoppers used to increase productivity in any of the above systems.

Read more about our latest solution for suction of solids, cleaning of structures with hot pressure water equipment and assistance in a great variety of industrial and urban applications. All in one product that can perform different jobs by simply changing accessories: the exclusive multifunctional group by Ecogam.

Portable vacuum systems

Ecogam portable vacuum systems are compact and easy to move. They can be transported manually, with forklift or power shovel to clean anywhere in the site.

Centralised vacuum systems

Ecogam centralised systems are used in installations with a fixed pipe network for vacuum cleaning. If required, the unit can be transported to other factory areas outside the network and operated independently with a working hose.

Modular mobile vacuum

Self-sufficient high-power container installed on a support structure. Available in diesel or electrical versions. The only customer decision is how to move it (flat bed lorry, hook-armed system, truck chassis, semi-trailer).

Towable vacuum systems

Ecogam towable vacuum unit can be moved with a truck, forklift or power shovel providing maximum flexibility and autonomy.

Mobile vacuum systems

Ecogam mobile vacuum groups are mounted on 2 axle or 3 axle trucks. GAM-III SS and GAM-III versions can discharge using the hydraulic tailgate or the pumping system, specifically designed for reclaiming the material and reintegrating it into the production process.

Multifunctional equipment

Limpieza de tuberías y vías urbanas e industriales.


Ecogam hoppers can be used with any of our vacuum equipment. They are often placed as intermediate containers to increase productivity and facilitate discharge.


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